Make Money with AdSense – How To Apply For Google AdSense ?

Google AdSense is a free, simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites.

Why Use Google AdSense?

One of the best ways to make money online via blogging is by displaying advertisements on your website. There are many ad networks available such as AdSense, Chitika, VigLink, Infolinks and many others. Obviously, we can’t clutter our blogs with too many ads, so we need to choose the best and most effective program available for the purpose of making money from our blogs/website.

AdSense is a product from Google that allows us to show contextual ads on a blog. It’s one of the best monetization ad networks available for any website, and people are making thousands of dollars every day using only Google AdSense.


Things to be Considered before Applying for Google AdSense

1. Check the Quality of Your Content

2. Create an About Us Page

3. Have a Decent Number of Articles

4. Show Your Email ID

5. Have a Privacy Policy

6. Don’t Use Copied Images

7. Domain Age Must be 6 Months Old

8. Create a Contact Us Page

9. Have a Nice Theme and Navigation

Should You Use Google Adsense on all your web pages?

Definitely Not! There are pages of your website where you want your visitor to be focused on your products or services. On those pages you should remove any distractions that would lead the visitor in a new direction. The Contact Us page is another place you Do Not want to place advertisements. If someone is going to communicate to you from your Contact Us page, you want to keep them focused. I have personally tracked visitor traffic and get very discouraged when a visitor makes it to my Contact Us page, and never communicates with my company.

How to Create a Google Adsense Account:

1. Create a Google Adsense account click here . The account is FREE.

2. If you already have a login for other Google products, you will be asked if you would like to connect your current account or create a new account. We recommend you use your current Google account login, so all your Google products can be accessed with one login.

3. After you agree to their terms, your application will be submitted to Google for review. Within 2 hours to 5 days (usually same day) they will approve or not approve your application. You cannot log into your Adsense account until you are approved.

4. Partial Approval – Upon approval, you will receive an Email showing your approval, and a link to log into your account, and start creating ads for your website.

5. Full Approval – Until you place ads on your website, Google cannot fully approve you. So the ads you place on your website will be placeholders for Google Ads. Within 5 days Google will visit the ads on your website and make the final approval. Then you will be able to see live ads, and start making money.

How Do I Get Paid from Google?

Each ad on your website has a different commission, depending on how much the owner of the ad is paying Google. You will get a pre-determined commission from each ad. So for example, if the owner of the ad pays Google one dollar $1.00 per click, you could make $.50 fifty cents per click. Not bad! Now don’t get any clever ideas that you will personally click on the ads to earn commissions. Google track who is clicking those ads. As part of your Agreement with Google, you agree to not click the ads on your website. If you do, you could loose your privilege to make money with Google.

Google will set a minimum Earnings/Commission threshold for your account. When that threshold is met Google will process a payment check for you. From the time you meet the minimum commission threshold to the time you get paid is about 60 days.

For example, if on June 1st you met the minimum commission threshold, Google will send you a check by the end of July.

How to Add Google Ads to My Website

STEP 1: Access your account.

Visit  Google AdSense and sign in using the email address and password that you submitted with your application. If you’ve forgotten your password, visit .

STEP 2: Create an AdSense ad unit.

Visit the “My Ads” tab, confirm the product selected is “Content” and click “New ad unit.”

STEP 3: Display AdSense ads on your pages.

After you create your ad unit, Google will give you the ad code to paste into the HTML source of your website so that you can show ads (after approval). For help adding the code to your pages, visit the Google Code Implementation Guide. If you don’t have access to edit the HTML source of your pages, get help from your webmaster or hosting company.

Can I place Google Ads on more than one website?

Yes, if you have multiple domains, using the 1 Google Adsense account, you can place ads on all your websites. Google will track the new domain and associate it with your account.


AdSense is perhaps the easiest, more reliable and best way to make money online. Provided that your website meets the criteria explained above, you can enjoy a good monthly revenue by utilizing your content and the hours you spend online in the best possible way.

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