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The design of a website is one of the most important key factors. In this blog we will discuss the subject of SEO friendly designing tips that will help web designers and web developers to build better and more effective websites.

Mobile Kindness :

Google has begun pointing to the web sites that are not mobile optimized. If you arbitrarily choose any mobile phone to open any non-mobile optimized website through Google, then you blow to the standard home-page and Google will notify you that you can not run properly on this system. This thought result can persuade customers to maintain the website. Google has made simple and tie the mobile websites with the mother or father URL to provide a better meeting consumer factors. It requires additional care and are vulnerable to related material, especially when looking for websites phones only.

Parallax Design :

Among the websites contemporary design trends, design parallax is the most popular these days, so we can not reject the results consistently increased parallax scrolling. But SEO is affecting significantly. Obviously, increased by one gong alarm from SEO point of view as the value of the entire website is considered by the search phrases that extend outward through a URL.

In short, the design assumes parallax displacement results, which seems fine, but the truth is just opposite and misapplied. Additionally, negatively impacts UX.

Fixed Navigation and UX Design :

Another popular trend now a days are fixed UX design and navigation. This is not only due to the reason that Google gives preference to the kindness of customers. If the UX design is not on the site then it is very difficult to return to customers in one place. Material powerful and perfect market and keyword research and keyword does not wor k unless your site provides consumers find it easy to use. Therefore, adapting contemporary standards and apply SEO experts on websites to create a look for engine optimized.

Animations, images and effects :

The customer demand is changing rapidly and now everyone wants to meet interesting visible. With contemporary technological innovation, the scale of development of web sites has also increased, providing more room and opportunities for designers to include images, results and animation design and create the attractive site. Today the professional website development and design firms keep these points in mind and websites created that is easier to use and responsive, however, websites bombarded with terrifying encounter design can offer customers in different smart devices such as phones, iPads, tablets, etc. dilemma with using heavy images and a lot of material they depend almost run AJAX material, which is not being listed by Google. However, search engines have brought improvements in the understanding of the program, but why take the risk for the site.

Off-screen navigation :

Fixing Offscreen also impacts SEO. You will see an icon of “burger”, when it comes into play which is used to show and hide the selection of mobile navigation. Scrollling fixed equal, which directly affects pagerank. Sometimes, this approach makes misunderstandings, because many visitors do not understand icon burger and are surprised to see such factors. Because of that, customers can maintain the site and go elsewhere and leads to increase in the percentage of site exits.

One page Site :

One of the more technical style, design of individual web site is continuously removing SEO, because with these sites, you can focus on just one or two phrases. And if you try to improve your site’s site, then the material available on same Web page can become useless on-page SEO. Google is wiser that allows you to evaluate, in a misleading way never works here, as it can damage your site and directly affect their online presence.

Full width video on homepage :

This particular model is most famous for the websites they mean small and large companies on the web. Having full-width video included at the top of your site gives your audience an easy and effective on the aims of the organization message. If your company is a start-up on the web and would like to show their portfolios and recommendations domain, full-width video titles with strong typography and parallax scrolling it is a safe way to go.

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