Top Mobile Application Testing Tools

There are some standards of mobile automation tool which must meet in order to enhance your mobile QA.

Mainly the tool must be easy to use. It must be as easy as possible to record an automated test script.

Android app development company needs to be run on both object 

web properties and native, making identification

of the components of the app as consistent and precise as possible.It ought to easily connect to the cloud.

A) Perfecto Mobile

Perfecto Mobile is not based on WebDriver. It has a native UI based on a proprietary TCL-based programming language. This approach lets  mobile app development companies testers’ who are not programmers but who select behaviors from a simple, no-coding development environment and write expected results in simple english.

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B) MonkeyTalk

MonkeyTalk is open source Automation tool for Android and iOS. Hire iOS developers who make apps where it supports iOS 4.0 or greater and Android 2.2 or greater in MoneyTalk.

Monkey Talk has three components, they are

1) MonkeyTalk IDE – It is used for record/playback of test scripts

2) MonkeyTalk Agent – It is a library that must be added to enable the testing. There are different agents for different platform i.e. for android and iOS. The agents enable applications to record and play MonkeyTalk Commands.

3) MonkeyTalk scripts- It can be written in three forms they are,

a. In JavaScript form

b. In tabular form (i.e. in different cells)

c. In MonkeyTalk form (In single line format, one line considered as a one command)

C) Robotium

Robotium is an open source Android test automation framework. Hire an Android developer who works on Robotium which has full support for native and hybrid Android apps. Robotium works on Mac OS, Windows and Linux. Robotium Recorder creates Robotium test cases, Robotium Recorder is available as a plugin for Eclipse and Android Studio. The ADT Eclipse bundle can be downloaded fromthe Android developer website.

D) Appia

Appium is a small server written in node.js. An Android app development company uses Appium allows users to access their Android or iOS developers environment where they have the server running. Since Appium uses the WebDriver framework, it can run tests in any language that WebDriver supports. Webdriver is a popular Web API that   iOS app developers in Webwing Technologies  can program in many languages, including Ruby, Python, JavaScript and many more.

E) Ranorex

Ranorex is a commercial tool used by developers, hire an Android app developers who are aware with Ranorex Test Recorder, which offers a very simple approach to create automated test steps for desktop, web and mobile applications right from the start. Well-designed steps can be reused across multiple test cases and that saves time. Ranorex supports C#, VB.Net to enhance you recordings!

F) See Test

See Test is a commercial automation test tool, SeeTest Automation is a productivity tool that allows you to perform automation testing on mobile devices like Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry.

G) Sikuli

Sikuli is a opensource GUI automation tool. Sikuli automates anything you see on the screen. It uses image recognition to identify and control GUI components. It is useful when there is no easy access to a GUI’s internal or source code.

This blog is regarding ‘Best mobile app testing tools’ useful for Android developers and iOS developers who strive to make an engaging app.

 Please stay tuned to receive more blogs on mobile app testing & tools and post your feedback & comments in the below comment box.

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