Case Study
The Project

The Oxford Mental Health Network (OMHN) is a non-profit organisation established in October 2016 at Oxford University. They are dedicated to connecting the people of Oxfordshire to the mental health resources that they need through awareness campaigns, social media sites and their website.

Whether you are an individual who wants to find a local therapy centre or a charity who wants a venue for an event, contact them for help — They are Oxfordshire's 'mental health search engine'. They are financed solely through private donations. If you would like to donate to help them to sustain their work, please go through their website or join their team.

Specific Problems We Diagnosed
We found problems regarding adding News feeds for the latest updates about resources, event, school and university
There was an issue regarding the donation section for the events and resource.
We found that it will be helpful to add a global search for an event, resource, school and university. In exiting solution, the search option is limited so need to make some improvements in that section.
For students related to Mental Health, we didn't find any school and university, so we are going to add this.
What did
What we have did?

Our team decided to recreate the needed segments, to produce an intuitive, and smooth look and also to help our users to get the best of their requirements.

1. We have added school and university modules for Mental Health where you can get more details about it

2. Also, added a section for news feeds through that user can get the latest updates for any event, & resource.

3. We also have added a Donation option for the event, resource, school & university.

4. Also, we have added global search option on the website for event, resource, school and university.

We believe that we succeed when our clients succeed.
What our clients have achieved?
Clients have Reduced manual workload as it was not easier for them to do everything manually so we provided all services on the website so that the user can get what they want from the site itself.
The new design smoothened and made the user experience better on site.
Technologies We Used
PHP Laravel 5.5
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