Case Study
The Project

Quedemonos is the company established to serve as an intermediary between cabin owners and Chilean and foreign tourists.

Their primary purposes are to deliver a safe, quality, transparent and trustworthy service to their clients.

Their goal is to promote tourism in Chile and benefit the owners of cabins so that their investment is profitable throughout the year.

They are oriented so that tourists from all over Chile and the world find in Quedé accommodation easily by area, date and price, besides not taking any risk, because they concerned that transactions are safe and fast.

Through photos you can know the cabin, and book them directly on the page, guaranteeing your lease.

Specific Problems We Diagnosed
We faced problems in setting multiple search options for users.
There was a problem in fixing the security option for the users.
What did
What Webwing Did

We at Webwing, by using an Agile approach and iterative design based on a cyclic prototyping, testing and in-depth analysis of the customers’ needs enabled us to release the platform in only 3 months.

We Successful delivered an easy-to-use, user-friendly website that helps the users to find and book Cabins by their choice.

We produce a responsive design that enables booking via both desktop and mobile devices — seamless user journey with a minimal number of steps that makes it possible to find and book a Cabins in a few clicks within one page.

We have kept the booking process simple and understandable.

We believe that we succeed when our clients succeed.
What our Client Achieved
Reduced manual workload by 200% as it was not easier for them to execute the simulations with easier and organised data.
The new front end we designed smoothened and made the user experience on the site better, resulting in a lower onboarding time.
Technologies We Used
Laravel PHP 5.0
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